The following are testimonials from some of my clients.

Joanna Penney

Joanna Penney

Joanna Penney

Having spent years trying to resolve a cripplingly painful sports injury, going from Physiotherapists to Osteopaths and Chiropractors, therapeutic massage etc., I had come to the conclusion that after many years of being actively involved in sports, I might have to give up which would be devastating for me.

One final attempt to seek help, led me, by chance, to Steve Udakis and I am so very grateful. His approach has been (and still is) 100% thorough and professional and for the first time in years, I am able to run, cycle, row etc., free of pain and with greater flexibility and strength than I had before I was injured!

I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has given me a programme to follow to ensure progress is maintained and my improvements are sustain. I will be forever grateful to Steve.

Tony Williams

Tony Williams

Tony Williams

Steve has helped me with longstanding muscle problems caused by long periods of driving and computer use.  I sought the services offered by Steve as an alternative treatment approach having not seen meaningful results from other styles of practitioner.

Steve quickly identified the areas to concentrate on and his treatment provided immediate results.  I was also given an aftercare exercise programme to ensure the increased mobility I had gained improved further in the following weeks.

Steve was extremely approachable, providing information if requested between treatments.  This made for an excellent client/therapist relationship and a genuine feeling of care and understanding.

I now have a much improved posture allowing me to concentrate fully on my work and leisure activities without the pain I was previously suffering.

Bev Rumble

I’ve had treatment for two different issues. The first was a problem with my IT band making it painful when I ran. I visited Steve twice before completing a half marathon and without his help I’m not sure I would have been able to finish it. The second (and ongoing) problem is a painful and stiff neck.

Due to his knowledge and experience Steve has identified that the problem is actually in my back. He is working on loosening my back whilst giving me exercises to do at home.

Steve is extremely professional and whilst the sessions are not always without some level of pain/discomfort I always feel better afterwards. From chats with Steve you are also made more aware of the effects and advantages / disadvantages of certain activities and exercise regimes that impact on all aspects of your physical and mental health.

Tony E

Steve is eminently professional, puts you at ease on arrival and explains everything that is planned and works to understand what treatment will benefit you. He talks through the treatment as it happens. My experience of massage is that it does require a fair degree of strength to be effective, Steve achieves this successfully.

He quickly identifies the key areas and in my case worked to effectively release the extensive tensions and “knots” in my back and shoulders which felt freer than they have felt for as long as I can remember.

Definitely beneficial and great for release of stress and tension. Also of benefit when taking considerable exercise providing advice on suitable stretches to stay supple and prevent muscles tightening. His overall service is highly recommended.

John R

Having seen and received treatment from several professionals in the past, I can say with both experience and confidence that this was by far the most beneficial treatment I have received.

Steve is very professional and has high standards of hygiene and great knowledge in his field which he shared with me throughout my treatment. I noticed even from the first session of treatment, that the pain had reduced and I had regained my flexibility. As the sessions continued my flexibility within my muscles increased and increased strength within those areas.

Jason F

The massage was great. The pressure Steve used was just right and my body did feel a lot better after the treatment. I would recommend to friends and family.

Chris E

I thought the sports massage was excellent and Steve’s advice on nutrition and various training programs was first class. My wife and I have recommended Steve to family and friends who would require the same treatment that we received.

Dan C

All treatments are carried out in a modern, well equipped studio which is clean, hygienic and relaxing. Steve is very professional and always questions about any problems, niggles etc before any treatment session to ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

After each treatment I feel relaxed and comfortable and I definitely know that my sessions have improved my sporting performance and overall personal well being. During each treatment Steve also gives advice on training techniques and nutrition providing a full professional service to enhance my sporting performance.

Chris H

In trying to find a solution to my particular problems made me seek professional help via the hospital but through meeting Steve, I realise someone who understands muscles, could throw simpler light on the subject. I felt better after treatment and am not worrying as much.

He was very thorough, sincere and made me feel better about myself. I would not hesitate to have further treatment, and most certainly intend to.